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ODDSACDas im Juni erscheinende „visual album“ von Animal Collective, „ODDSAC“ USA 2010, 53 min, R: Danny Perez), war zuerst in New York zu sehen. Derick Rhodes war dort und sprach mit Danny Perez, dem Regisseur. Lesen Sie hier die englischsprachige Originalversion des redaktionell bearbeiteten und gekürzten Textes aus OPAK #5.
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Allow me to generalize, and then to be specific, and then to generalize again.

There are times at which a work of art may move you deeply, or cause great consternation, or take you somewhere you never imagined going, and there are also times when a work of art may frighten you, or make you more secure, or give you reason to believe that you, alone, have a been allowed into a secret-but-completely-imaginary club.

This might be one of the above times for you. Or maybe not. If I could decide for you – on your behalf – I would say to keep an open mind, just in case.

TEXT: Derick Rhodes | RESSORT: Film, OPAK #05
3. Mai 2010 | 10 Kommentare